Nickelback, 2016

I know, I know, everyone hates Nickelback, or at least that’s what the media would have you think. Every time they release a new track, the hate posts come out in force. The problem is, they really don’t deserve it.

I have always liked Nickelback and I’m not afraid to admit it. To be fair, I don’t really care if other people don’t like the same music – that’s what makes the world go round! Given my fondness for their music, I was quite happy to get a ticket for their last show.

What I expected was a good show packed full of Nickelback songs. What I got was all that and more. I can honestly say that they were probably one of the most fun acts I’ve ever seen!

With a solid balance of crowd pleasers, sing-along ballads and heavy rock, there was something for everyone. What came across clearly throughout the gig was that the band were having huge amounts of fun. Swigging drinks and cracking jokes, they were hilarious on stage and injected a real sense of fun into the performance whilst playing on some of their more cheesy lyrics.

What might also surprise you is that they were actually pretty heavy at times. So all those comments about Nickelback being sell-outs or a ‘pop act’ were obviously started by people who have never seen them live. Those comments were the first things I’d hear whenever I told people that I was going to the gig. I’d almost got to the point where apologising each time I talked about it was expected. However, their comments almost always then went on to mention one or more or Nickelback’s songs that they loved. Think about it – I bet you can name a few of their songs that you genuinely like. I bet you can think of at least two songs that you actually pretty much love, and if I questioned you about why the band receive such a negative reaction, I bet you couldn’t answer.

So let’s have a rethink about our attitude to Nickelback, let’s all step out of the shadows and show our appreciation. Because live, they are bloody brilliant!


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