There is nothing better than live music. The excitement and the base thumping through your chest. I have some favourites (rock, hip hop, rnb) but pretty much anything goes (except S Club Seven, they make my ears bleed!).

I’ve been going to gigs since I was fairly young. I think that Take That might have been my first one, back in the days when Robbie was still a perminant fixture and my mum was by my side to make sure I was safe. My tastes in music might have changed quite a bit as the years passed, but that rush of adrenaline I felt as the music boomed out of the speakers never went away.

Most blogs focus on giving a review of a gig, talking through a set list, running order or stage changes.  Sometimes I’ll remember the set list or the stage design, however I probably won’t remember all that detail very often! Also, my photos are sometimes blurry and hard to make out. I make no apologies for that – I’d rather enjoy the gig than spend all my time trying to get the perfect image*.

Some of the shows I post about are years old, and are often faded memories behind rose-tinted glasses. Some are more recent and therefore are a bit more shiny and new.

What I do remember, and what I want to share, is the way certain gigs and artists made me feel in that moment. Those short snippets that stay in our minds are the moments which get our hearts racing and create memories for us to dust off when we are feeling low. They are the images and feelings that take up space in our hearts and change the rhythm of our lives. That’s what I want to share, because surely that’s what music is all about?

Zombie Girl xoxo

*As I can’t be at gigs all of the time (I wish I could!!), I’m also planning to share the music I’m obsessed with – this could be a song or an album and could be new or old. Hopefully, by sharing the songs that are bouncing around in my head, other people will also be encouraged to share their favourites in the comments. We might even end up with new music to explore!!


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