Green Day, 2013

Billie Joe’s usual energy and infectious persona spread throughout the crowd from the outset. One thing you can always count on with Green Day is that you get 100% every time. This translated to the audience and we lapped it up eagerly. I dare you to go to a Green Day gig and try not to sing along – its impossible!

Green Day know how to have fun and they certainly did, whipping the crowd up into a punk-fuelled frenzy – almost everyone was thrusting their fists in the air in time to a rousing ‘hay, hay’ cry. The call and response (ayyyyy, ohhhh – if you were there, you’ll know what I mean!) between the band and the crowd works perfectly every time, breaking down barriers between those on the stage and those in the cheap seats. Everyone became one team, united by the words of the songs.

Political focus was always hovering in the background (sometimes pushing rudely to the front) as with every good punk rock gig and the shouts of a whole arena united in their condemnation of everything discriminatory was incredibly uplifting.

I have no good photos of this gig – mainly because my phone was firmly in my pocket as I bounced, yelled and cheered my way along with everyone else. There was no time for photos, only movement. We were a positive riot and it felt amazing.

As usual with Green Day, it was an incredible gig. Yes, they can be guilty of the same things popping up in their shows (King for a Day sing-alongs, Longview sung by fans, lots of fan interaction) but damn, they do it so well that I didn’t even care! Sign me up for the next gig, I’m in.


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