Marilyn Manson, 2017

I’ve mixed feelings about this one. The show was great, however there wasn’t as much of the show as I’d hoped. It was an intimate venue and the crowd was a really mixed bag – old, young and everything in between. Manson was due to be on stage at 9pm. Although lots of acts keep people waiting, I always feel like it’s fairly self indulgent to do so. In this case, Manson didn’t come on stage until 9.45pm and only performed for around an hour.

I get that performing is hard, however I’ve paid less for other tickets where acts have performed for much longer. Given that there were many breaks in the performance where Manson changed outfits or moved around, it felt fairly disjointed, which stopped me really getting into the evening.


When Manson was actually performing, he was great – angsty, loud and outcast, exactly as you would expect. Even in a cast, Manson put on a good performance, incorporating his ‘helpers’ into the show, dressed as nurses. His movements in a motorised chair were somewhat comical, but despite this, he still held everyone’s attention. His biggest hits were performed really well, complete with audience sing-alongs. The Beautiful People was saved for the last track of the evening, and was the one track that actually encouraged the whole room to get involved.


Throughout the gig, there was a mixed reaction, some people 100% invested in the music, moshing, bouncing and yelling along. Others looked more lost, seemingly less connected to the music. I fell somewhere the middle, bouncing along but not totally swept away. At times, I felt that my attention was wandering somewhat (particularly in between songs) and the disjointed nature of the show made it feel a little unprofessional, particularly when Manson would gesture for the rest of the band to stop playing mid song so that he could talk to the crowd. Again, it was a little ‘diva-like’ which I felt interfered with my experience of the music. I like to be swept away, feeling every heartbeat of a song, however I don’t think that it truly captured my attention enough to engage fully. As Marilyn Manson is on the billing for another gig next year, I hope that it was a one off and a festival appearance will make me sit up and take more notice next time.


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