Tom Misch, 2017

I’m behind the curve with this one. I hadn’t heard of Tom Misch until I happened upon him at a festival in between two of the acts I wanted to see.

We were waking though the site and the chilled out sound caught my attention. We sat down on the grass and started to debate the music.

In turn, the music was likened to Jamiroquai, Ed Sheeran and jazz – each correct but each not quite capturing the essence of the sound. In truth, it didn’t matter. Tom had grabbed the attention of three people with varying tastes in music, who were on our way to listen to something very different, and got us to listen to the rest of his set. That’s an achievement.


Some of our conversation was about where we would listen to his music. Wedding music, a night out with friends, chilling at home, it seemed to fit well with any occasion. On that particular day, it fit well with a group of friends. chilling out and feeling the positive vibe of discovering new music.


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